GC is Love.

The Global Commercians is the International Commerce Education HUB and Professional Accountancy Centre provides the opportunity to budding accountants to pursue professional qualifications. It is a dedicated Centre with the vision to nurture and produce qualified professional accountants for Lucknow and the region. We pride ourselves as a one-stop affordable premium Professional Accountancy Centre that offers the ACCA Qualifications in a conducive learning environment and caters to the needs of working adults. The professional qualifications are delivered by award Winning Subject Specialist with extensive tutoring experience locally and regionally. WHY ACCA @ Global Commercians? Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose ACCA as your route to becoming a qualified professional. • Renowned tutors with extensive years of experience teaching ACCA locally and internationally. • Conducive environment • Flexibility - catering for the needs of working adults

2018-05-17 18:19:09

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